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Discover Something Fresh

The Best Country Station in East Texas featuring hit country from the 90's to Now and the home of Justin and Clay on the Morning Bull.

“Alexa, ENABLE 103 The Bull skill.” Then, “Alexa, PLAY 103 The Bull."

103 The Bull

Adult Hit Radio, The Ride plays pop hits from the 90's to Now and is perfect for office streaming. From Maroon 5 to Dua Lipa, it's a smooth ride.

“Alexa, ENABLE The Ride Worldwide skill.” Then, “Alexa, PLAY The Ride Worldwide."

The Ride

If you remember when good country songs all told a story, then Bull Classic is your station. Classic Country from the 60's through the 90's.

“Alexa, ENABLE Bull Classic skill.” Then, “Alexa, PLAY Bull Classic."

Bull Classic

Expect the unexpected. Shuffle Classic Hits plays a mix of music from the 70’s through the 90’s. Classic Rock, Pop, Alternative and Dance. Shuffled.

“Alexa, ENABLE Shuffle Classic Hits skill.” Then, “Alexa, PLAY Shuffle Classic Hits."


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